Ultra high speed internet.

Get your home installed with fibre for the fastest internet connection available.

Fast, Uncapped & Affordable Internet

Fibre Network

Mitchells fibre is an open access, fibre optic network being deployed in Mitchells Plain.

Underground Cables

The process involves laying fibre cables underground in the streets to provide residents access to world class high speed internet connectivity.

Open Access

Open access allows you to choose from a variety of ISPs (Internet Service providers) for your households’ affordable internet connection using the Mitchells Fibre network.

High Speed

The ISPs are offering every home a 20mbps download and 10mbps upload speed. Which is ideal for streaming in HD and so much more.

Home Internet

Connect multiple devices to your Mitchells Fibre router at no extra costs. Access the internet by your Mitchells Fibre router at not extra costs.

Unlimited entertainment for the whole family

Stream or download the latest movies and series over your high speed connection, whilst saving money and never running out of data!

Online education from the safety of your home

High speed internet means knowledge at your finger tips.
Homework assignments and project research can be done from the safety of your home.

High Speed at Low Cost

Connect all your family’s devices to your Mitchells Fibre router and save on your Family’s cellular data costs

Work from home or find new opportunities

With uncapped internet, working from home online is so much easier
Start an online business or research new work opportunities from the comfort of your own home

Keep in touch with friends and family online

It’s easier than ever to keep up to date with everyone’s latest news through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Skype

How do I get it?

Order, Install and Connect.


Mitchells fibre gets deployed in your area

Check that your home is covered. The Mitchells Fibre network first needs to get installed in your street. A small wallbox is placed directly against your boundary wall to allow the fibre to be installed directly into your home once you order the connection.


Order your voucher and installation

Choose an ISP. Go to their website and checkout the available deals. Choose your package and place an order directly with them.


Fibre gets installed into your home

Your ISP will schedule your installation with an accredited Mitchells Fibre technician who will install the fibre cable directly into your home. This is a once off process and takes about an hour. The technician will require the homeowner’s RICA details, and someone will need to be present for the installation.


Connect & enjoy your fibre Internet

After the technician has completed the installation of the fibre cable and fibre box in your home, your service will be activated immediately.

Once installed you are free to start exploring the endless opportunities the Internet has for you!

Is my home covered?

Check whether Mitchells Fibre has been installed in your area.


How much is your household spending on data per month?

What does your house use the internet for most?

Order now

First check if you are covered, then place an order directly with an isp.

Explore high speed internet packages from any of our partnering ISPs.

Free fibre for every school

Mitchells Fibre gives a free 1Gbps fibre broadband connection to every registered primary and high school we pass when deploying our network!

If your school qualifies and falls into a Mitchells Fibre area and you would like to find out more about getting super fast free fibre broadband, please drop us an email via schools@mitchellsfibre.co.za

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